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Benchmarking Members can email [email protected] to start a benchmark request. The request will be sent out to member organizations to seek feedback and information on best practices.

Knowledge Center – NWHPEC members have access to training materials, lean resources, and templates that have been graciously shared by our members and/or our facilitators.

Networking – NWHPEC members are committed to working together, sharing, and learning from each other. We use our collective strength, knowledge, and experience to elevate each other to achieve excellence through high performing teams.   Our community of lean practitioners provides access to people across all industries in all positions.  You can meet people through our classes, special interest groups, webinars, or through person-to-person interactions.  We strive to ensure you always have someone to reach out to, and we encourage our members to give back to the community by sharing their experiences and expertise with others. 

Special Interest Group – Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, are member-started, lead, and will be disbanded once the need has been fulfilled.  They initiate with an individual who is interested in learning from and connecting with others on a particular topic.  Click here for a list of active SIGs.

Social Media Sharing – We use a variety of Social Media accounts to keep people informed, including private community groups for member-to-member sharing.  Here are the links to our public pages, feel free to follow us: LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or YouTube.