3H Leadership Essentials – Sept 29th – Dec 1st

Despite the recent disruptions in our world, Lean organizations continue to strive to improve quality, lead-time and cost performance by harnessing the natural problem-solving creativity of all employees on a daily basis. This continued focus on tapping the problem-solving capability of every individual in the organization means leaders still need the skills to not only engage employees’ critical thinking – their “heads” – but, perhaps more importantly, to connect to their fundamental human need for contribution and creativity – their “hearts”.

3H Leadership Essentials – Adaptive Leadership Practices and Behaviors for Engaging the Heart, Head and Hands is a series of 4 focused, 3 ½-hour, remote learning sessions for leaders looking to develop, refine or refresh their foundational leadership skills to connect with both the heads and the hearts of employees. The series learning is grounded in content from our full, in-person “3H Leadership Series” but distilled, adapted and reconfigured to align with our new hybrid, physically distanced environment. Topics covered include:

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Leading People for Performance and Improvement
  • Personal Communications and Effective Stand-ups (virtual and in person)
  • Effective Expectation Setting and Coaching

The first two sessions explore the building blocks of leadership responsibility – both personal responsibility in relationships and functional responsibility in leadership. The third and fourth sessions dive deeper in both relationship and leadership skills with the fourth and final session providing participants the opportunity to a put all the pieces together and apply, practice and coach the learning from sessions 1-3.

The series curriculum is:

  • Aligned with Lean as the “respect for humanity” system and the key Lean management principles of visual management, “go and see”, standard work, flow, pace and quick Plan-Do-Check-Act (P-D-C-A) learning cycles.
  • Grounded in behavior science and neuroscience – the science of human interactions – and needs based communications.
  • Designed for participants to explore and discover concepts through classroom simulations, experiences and discussions.
  • Built on a foundation of work done by Dan Miller of Dan Miller and Associates, LLC who generously gave NWHPEC and KPA the gift of content and mentorship.

Facilitator: Kari Penca
Series Dates: Sept 29, Oct 20, Nov 10, Dec 1
Time: 8-11:30 am
Requirements: access to a computer with a webcam; this is highly interactive
Cost: $400 for NWHPEC members ($650 for non-members)

No refunds will be issued for cancellations within one week of the class start date. Payment by check preferred; credit card payments will incur a service fee of 3.5%. Invoices will be sent to your company representative on Sept 15th.

Click here to register.

Link to full course summary and facilitator bio.  [Note, roughly half of the content overlaps with content taught in the 3H Leadership series.  Contact jennifer@nwhpec.com if you’ve taken 3H Leadership and you’re wondering if this course would be value added for you.]

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