Agile for Leaders – November 15th (Class is Full)

Agile for Leaders

I’m really excited to announce two new classes focused on Agile project framework and Agile thinking.  It will kick off on November 15th with a Leadership session designed to help leaders understand the why, the framework, and how to support Agile teams.  We will follow it up on December 6th with an Agile for Team Members session designed to dive into the framework and application of Agile principles.

Lean-Agile Leader Workshop:
More organizations than ever before are seeing the importance of developing a culture of learning and quickly adapting to change. Some organizations focus on Lean.  Others on Agile.  Few organizations leverage the power of using Lean and Agile together to take their organization to the next level.  Although initially, Agile was often associated solely with software development, it is actually a great framework for any form of project management.  Agile is an iterative approach can be applied to projects, product development, and software development.

According to VersionOne’s Annual State of Agile report, the three most significant challenges to agile adoption are:

  1. Organizational culture at odds with agile values (53%)
  2. General organizational resistance to change (46%)
  3. Inadequate management support and sponsorship (42%)

This workshop will focus on how leaders can embody Lean and Agile values and principles and help cultivate and lead a culture of learning and adapting to change.  On December 6th, we will follow up with an Agile Team Member workshop.

Key Concepts:

  • Learn why organizations are moving toward Agile principles
  • Align business and technology leaders in an understanding of Lean and Agile principles, practices and the value of focusing on customer outcomes
  • Hands on experience of Lean-Agile fundamentals for leaders
  • Walk through successful patterns and anti-patterns for Lean-Agile leaders
  • Open forum to discuss what’s most pressing for your organization

How You Benefit:
Upon completion of this workshop, you will have hands-on experience of what it feels like to be a part of a Lean-Agile team and what patterns good leaders follow to enable a culture of learning and adapting to change.


  • Leaders who are looking to sharpen their leadership saw and be challenged in their thinking on how to plan more effectively and enable their teams to thrive in modern business
  • This workshop is especially recommended to any potential Lean-Agile Leader: senior managers, managers, supervisors, team leaders, coaches, or facilitators
  • Influencers and change agents within your organization who may be unfamiliar with the framework and its application
  • This workshop is appropriate for any industry
  • Note:  The class for individual project team members will be held on December 6th.  It is designed to help individuals learn how to apply the concepts to their current projects.  (If you’d like to register in advance for this class, please let me know.)

After attending this class, we hope you will see the value in recommending our Agile for Team Members class to individuals within your team/organization.

Date: Thursday, November 15th
Time: 8am – 4pm
Location: Montgomery Park, 2701 NW Vaughn St, Portland
Cost: $200 per person
[Payment can be made via check made payable to NWHPEC or via credit card, invoices will be sent out a week prior to the event.  Cancellations will be honored up to one week prior to the event.  Please note:  A 10% fee will be assessed for canceling your attendance if payment was made via credit card.  “No shows” will not receive a refund or account credit.]

Registration:  Email

Facilitator Bio:

Jeff Brinkerhoff is a local Agile consultant, Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), Scrum Master (CSM), Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), & Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP).  He has over a decade of experience coaching, facilitating, and leading Agile and development teams.  He is passionate about Agile/Scrum/Project Management and has seen first-hand how a high-functioning, unified team can efficiently and effectively deploy working software that meets the customer’s needs. Jeff is an experienced trainer with practical, hands on experience in the application of lean processes and Agile.


For additional background on Agile thinking, here is a link to an excerpt from a recent Mike Rother/Mark Rosenthal article on Agile.

Agile Thinking by Rother_Rosenthal

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