Coaching for Engagement – June 10th (Class is Full)

The true role of a leader is that of a coach.  This includes coaching to develop, coaching to improve, and coaching to engage.  Engagement comes when people feel supported and trusted to make decisions and to accept failures as learning opportunities.  This class focuses on teaching the foundational skills required to create engagement within your team.  When done effectively, coaching for engagement helps develop capability and creates motivation to innovate, improve, and solve problems.  Join us for this interactive 4-hour class to learn the critical coaching skills that allow you to become a more effective leader.

Date: June 10, 2019

AM Session: 7am-11am (Class is Full)

PM Session: Noon-4pm

Location: ESCO Plant 3:  2760 NW Yeon Ave, Portland, Oregon

Member Fee: $100 per person

Registration: Email with name, email address, and role/job title of attendees.

Intended Audience:
This class is designed for leaders in all levels of the organization.  No prior lean experience is required.

Key Concepts:

  • Why coaching is important, how we coach, what we are going to do as a coach
  • The correlations between coaching, engagement, and performance
  • A coach’s job is to listen
  • The art of asking open ended questions
  • Mastering the different categories of questions: leading, problem solving, and clarifying
  • A coach’s role is to inspire

How You Benefit: 

Leaders who take this course will learn practical skills that can be applied immediately.  Coaching provides a way to double the impact of your conversations. Your employee will develop critical thinking and improvement skills and you will gain independence from having to be the person who is relied upon for the answers.   After this course, you will approach conversations differently.  Coaching conversations are about others and their development, not about you.  You will be able to keep people engaged and motivated through coaching conversations that will help them develop new skills and motivate them to take on new challenges. 

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