Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata Experience (Class is Full)

The Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata Experience

Description: Led by Master Coach Julie Simmons, this four-hour class uses a simulation to teach the pattern of the Improvement Kata. Attendees will practice Grasping the Current Condition, Establishing a Target Condition, and using PDCA to experiment towards the established Target Condition. Additionally, attendees will practice two Coaching routines using information gathered in Current Condition, Target Condition, and experimentation.

Audience: Those who are new to the Kata approach who want to learn the improvement pattern or those who would benefit from a refresher. Additionally, it’s for those who want to learn the coaching model and incorporate it into the Kata pattern.

Key Concepts:
• Learn how the Improvement Kata differs from other Lean approaches
• Understand the 4-Step Improvement Kata pattern and practice within three of the four steps
• Practice two Coaching routines: One during Grasping the Current Condition and the second after a Target Condition has been established
• Understand the role of Learner and Coach and the responsibilities of each

Prerequisite: Intro to Lean or equivalent experience. Attendees should have a sense of the importance of flow and some of the tools used to produce flow when creating a Target Condition.

Date: Thursday, Oct 18th
Time: 12:30pm – 4:30pm
Location: PECO, 11241 SE Hwy 212, Clackamas, OR 97015
Cost: $100 per person

Contact to reserve your seat(s).

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