Intro to Lean (Spanish) – March 26th

Intro to Lean (for Spanish speakers)

This is a one-day overview of all Lean principles with a fun and interactive simulation to demonstrate the application of the Lean tools. This class will be taught in Spanish.  This class is a pre-requisite for many other classes and is a very beneficial class for people new to Lean principles or individuals who need a broader Lean education. 

Date:        Tuesday, March 26th
Time:        8am-5pm
Location:  Milwaukee Electronics, Canby OR
Cost:         $150 per person

Key Concepts:
Introduction to Lean is a beginning level course which teaches students the basic concepts of Lean Thinking.  This includes topics around waste, value, 5S, single piece flow, Kanban, etc.  It is suitable for students who work in office or shop environments and includes many real-world examples from a wide variety of work environments.  Click the link below for complete details and concepts that are covered.

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