Intro to Problem Solving – Aug 31 (Class is FULL)

ATI has graciously offered to deliver their Intro to Problem Solving training to NWHPEC members.  This basic/intermediate level course is a fabulous opportunity to understand the different types of problem solving and dive a little deeper into root cause analysis.  Learn how to identify the true root cause of a problem, write an effective problem statement, and test your solutions to confirm the problem has been eliminated. 

Title:  Intro to Problem Solving

Facilitator:  Kellie Brant, Continuous Improvement Trainer at ATI Metals (Albany, Oregon)

Intended Audience: Individuals with basic problem-solving knowledge who have struggled with 5 Why’s. Some basic knowledge of problem solving is preferred.


Using tangible examples and a group case study, this training will provide an overview of:

  • What problem solving is
  • Types of problem solving
  • How to perform a 5 why root cause analysis
  • Confirm identified changes will eliminate the problem

This course is interactive and will give participants an opportunity to determine event facts and write the problem statement for an Amtrak case study. You will get to practice brainstorming and checking your ideas and solutions to confirm problems can’t or won’t happen again.  

Date:  August 31, 2020

Time: 10-11:30am

Cost:  Nothing but your promise to show up fully engaged.  ?

Course details

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