OpEx In Your Office (Class is Full)

Operational Excellence in Your Office – September 17th

Establishing robust flow of information in offices environments is more important than ever due to
common day-to-day challenges, employees working on many different projects at once, and heightened customer demands for timely, consistent service.

This one-day workshop details a step-by-step methodology for leveraging traditional lean value stream flow to establish Operational Excellence through business processes.

Whether an office provides complex engineering designs, financial information, IT services, healthcare plans, or other services, this workshop will explain how to apply in-depth principles such as process family matrices, binary connections, processing cells, work-flow cycles, integration events, pitch, and other techniques to create lean value streams that achieve Operational Excellence in the office. Participants will leave ready to create flow in their own office, design processes for seeing when flow has stopped, and develop methods for regaining flow without management.

Key Concepts:
• Learn the principles that create Operational Excellence in any business process.
• Find out how to design an office that flows value to the customer and achieves Operational Excellence.
• Hear how to design an office to deliver a service seamlessly, without management intervention.
• Learn how to eliminate meetings and use the saved time to work on offense – or activities that grow the business.
Audience: This course is for individuals leading or participating in Lean, Continuous Improvement or Operational Excellence initiatives in their organizations, including those with roles in: Finance, Accounting, Sales, Human Resources, Marketing, Legal, Engineering, Customer Service

Date: Monday, September 17th
Time: 8am- 5pm
Location: Blount International – 4909 SE International Way, Portland, OR
Cost: $225 per person (Note: When offered directly through the Institute for OpEx, this class costs over $600 per person)

If there is excess demand, we may run a 2nd class on September 18th. Please reach out to me by the morning of August 13th if you are interested in reserving seats. This will allow us to determine if we will be running one or two workshops.

Facilitator Bio
Institute for Operational Excellence Senior Faculty Member Kirk Bolton teaches organizations the methodology and practical application to achieve Operational Excellence. He has assisted numerous companies worldwide, including FMC Technologies, United Technologies Corporation, Cloverhill Bakery, and Dexter Magnetics. Before joining the Institute, Kirk worked with Freudenberg-NOK for 15 years, where he served as Plant Manager. His plants have been benchmarked by more than 50 companies and been awarded top honors for manufacturing excellence.

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