Project Management Excellence Workshop – June 15th @8am (Class is FULL)

Project Management Excellence (including new product introduction)
Facilitator: Norbert Majerus

In my nearly forty years in the industry, I have lived through the evolution of project management—from no value added to a system where every major work is managed by a project manager and where hundreds of projects are going on at the same time.

Today, project management is an institution, a function, a discipline, much like manufacturing, R&D, and finance. As such, it requires continuous learning and improvement.

It should come as no surprise that project management can benefit from the same Lean and operational excellence principles than other functions have experienced. Among others, Lean thinking can transform project management toward perfect delivery (on time, on target, etc.), higher quality, improved speed, and more people engagement. New Lean insight can also help project management to become highly innovative, more agile, and much better at risk management.

This interactive workshop not only teaches the Lean principles, it also illustrates them with real examples and anecdotes from many years of experience in the industry. Attendees should have a little experience in project management, but the Lean knowledge will be covered based on the needs of the participants.

What you will learn:

  • We all know about the human element in a lean transformation. Did you know that the same principles apply to project managers and project teams?
  • Lean and agile do a wonderful job managing project risk. And even TOC (Theory of constraints) applies to lean project management.
  • A project is a big batch. Lean can eliminate big batches in project management as it does in manufacturing.
  • Find out how starting late can help you finish on time.
  • Is any project worth working on it? Join us to find out.

How you will learn:

  • Through examples and stories
  • Engagement with participants throughout the workshop, including an activity

Date: Wednesday, June 15th
Time: 8am-noon (Pacific)
Venue: online via Zoom
Cost: $100 members ($200 non-members)

To register, email with name, email, role/title

Workshop flyer

Speaker Bio:
Norbert Majerus is a lean champion, speaker, coach, book author, and Shingo Prize winner. Beginning in 2005, Norbert implemented a principles-based lean product development process at the three Global Innovation Centers of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. For more than a decade he was Goodyear’s lean champion in research and development. In 2016, Norbert published his first book, Lean-Driven Innovation (Norbert Majerus, CRC Press, 2016), which received the Shingo Research Award. Also in 2016, with Norbert’s guidance the Goodyear R&D organization applied for and received the AME Excellence Award. Norbert is a popular keynote speaker and has conducted workshops in the United States and many other countries. Since retiring from Goodyear in 2018, he continues to share his extensive lean expertise via Norbert Majerus Consulting. Learn more here:

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