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Webinar: Virtual Kaizen

Topic:  Remote Kaizen – How to Engage People in Improvement at a Distance
Speaker:  Alison Lord, Performance Improvement Consultant, OHSU

Date:        Wednesday, April 8th
Time:       11:30am-12:30pm
Cost:        Free for members

Webinar summary:   Now, more than ever we’re seeing the need to be able to effectively collaborate from remote locations. In this webinar, Alison Lord will share the best practices and lessons learned from running remote Kaizen events in the OHSU School of Nursing.

During this webinar, Alison will share:

  • Experiences and lessons learned at OHSU School of Nursing leading remote improvement work
  • Best practices for defining when Kaizens should be done remotely or in person
  • How they’ve applied best practices from virtual instructor-led training (VILT) to increase interactivity
  • Tools and techniques used to build engagement
  • A case study to demonstrate how to effectively execute a remote improvement event

Speaker Bio: Alison Lord is a Performance Improvement Consultant with over 15 years experience leading successful transformations in healthcare and higher education. In her current role at OHSU’s School of Nursing, she utilizes Lean principles and best practices in change management to guide the planning and implementation of strategic improvement initiatives across six campuses. Alison is a skilled facilitator, coach, and trainer with a passion for engaging people in continuous improvment.

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