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5S Workplace Organization

5S is a beginning/intermediate level course that teaches participants the value proposition of 5S through hands-on implementation in a real work environment. It is suitable for participants working in office or manufacturing environments. Attendees will alternate between learning and doing, resulting in hands-on application of 5S organizing/improving an area at a host company.

Key Concepts:

  • Understanding that 5S is a problem exposure tool
  • Defining the 5 S’s (plus Safety)
  • Documenting the current state, using the DOWNTIME concept to identify waste
  • Planning a 5S event (event definition, leadership roles, steps for planning and executing the event)
  • Putting the 5S into action
  • Establishing visual controls, documenting standards, creating an audit process

Prerequisite: Lean 101/Intro to Lean or exposure to foundational lean concepts within your work environment.

Audience: Depending on the location of the event, this workshop could be applicable for both admin and manufacturing employees at all levels and roles within the organization.

2-day workshop; requires a host company (we will apply 5S to an area within your organization)