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Building Blocks for Trainers

Lean Standardized Work and Training Within Industry Job Instruction (“what, how, why” training) methods have precise, technical formats and application approaches. This course is a blend of the two and is designed to deliver significant, actionable introductory learning aligned with the concepts and intent of these methods. The class will be delivered in two sessions with an expectation that participants will apply the learning to a “real-life” work process between sessions. The first session is an interactive, collaborative exploration and simulated application of job instruction and standardized work methods. The second session will provide participants the opportunity to present their application work and receive peer feedback and coaching.

Key Concepts:

  • Explore the “what, how, why” training method.
  • What standardized work methods are and how they are related.
  • How these methods reflect and support the Lean core values of continuous improvement and respect for people.
  • How to create and deliver “what, how, why” training with employee buy-in and engagement.
  • Creating and using standardized work to sustain training, identify improvement, and develop problem solving capability in people.

Audience: Anybody involved in developing and delivering both the training and supporting standard work for employees. In most organizations, this includes leads and supervisors and possibly continuous improvement team members or process engineers.

Two, 1-day sessions one week apart. (Capacity = 12)