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Intro to the Improvement Kata 101 (IK 101)

This class is an experiential introduction to the improvement cycle and coaching cycle of the Toyota Kata, a structured approach to continuous improvement that helps people develop a scientific mindset.  Designed for beginners, but some knowledge of lean is helpful.

How fast can you lay out 24 cards in a precise sequence? You’ll discover that and more in this starter Kata class. You will be introduced to a structured improvement cycle that will let you discover how to reach a significant challenge in a series of incremental experiments. Led with a coaching pattern, you will learn how to take a step, make a prediction, observe the outcome and learn from it in a way that can inform your next step. You will leave familiar with these two patterns of working and a strong appreciation for how they can help you improve just about anything.

Supplies and System Requirements

  • Every participant must bring a full deck of cards in a box, including jokers and blanks, and have a space approximately 18” deep x 24” wide clear on their desk in front of the monitor they will use for the Zoom call.
  • Ideally, your camera should be able to be angled down onto the clear space of the desk. For monitors with integrated cameras, it often works to place the monitor to one side of the clear space when the camera is required.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of the PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) process is helpful, but not required.

Audience: Those who are wanting to learn more about Kata and looking for a hands on experience with the Improvement Kata pattern.

2.5 hours; virtual or in person (Capacity = 20)