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Intro to Lean

Intro to Lean is a beginning-level course that teaches participants the basic concepts of Lean Thinking through an interactive in-person simulation (paper airplanes). It is suitable for participants who work in office or manufacturing environments and includes many real-world examples from a wide variety of work environments. Intro to Lean is a prerequisite to many of the other classes we offer. This course is a full-day class focused on the foundational elements of lean and the importance of respect for people.

Topics covered include:

  • Waste, Value Add, Leadership, Customer Value, Strategy
  • Continuous Improvement Cycle, 8 Wastes, 5S, Visual Controls, Physical Layout, Single Piece Flow
  • Value Stream Mapping, Takt Time vs Cycle Time, Pull, Kanban
  • 5 Why’s, Cross Training, Set Up Reduction/TPM, Standard Work, Mistake Proofing, Team Huddle, Metrics

Audience: Applicable for both admin and manufacturing employees at all levels and roles within the organization. (Can be tailored to be specifically focused for either admin or mfg.)

Available in English or Spanish

1 day; requires a host company (Capacity = 20)