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Improvement & Coaching Kata (IK 201)

This four-hour class uses a puzzle building simulation to teach the 4-step pattern of the Improvement Kata.  Attendees will practice Grasping the Current Condition, Establishing a Target Condition, and using PDCA to experiment towards the established Target Condition.  Additionally, attendees will practice two Coaching rounds using information gathered in Current Condition, Target Condition, and experimentation.

Key Concepts:

  • Learn how the Improvement Kata differs from other Lean approaches
  • Understand the 4-Step Improvement Kata pattern and practice within three of the four steps
  • Practice two Coaching routines: One during Grasping the Current Condition and the second after a Target Condition has been established
  • Understand the role of Learner and Coach and the responsibilities of each

Audience: Those who are new to the Kata approach who want to learn the improvement pattern or those who would benefit from a refresher. Additionally, it’s for those who want to learn the coaching model and incorporate it into the Kata pattern.

Prerequisite: Intro to Lean or equivalent experience. Intro to the Improvement Kata is also suggested. Attendees should have a sense of the importance of flow and some of the tools used to produce flow when creating a Target Condition.

4 hours; in person (Capacity = 20)