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3H Leadership – Engaging the Heart, Head, & Hands

3H Leadership is by far our most popular and impactful leadership course, offered each Fall. It is a series of five focused conversations for leaders ready to engage in the development of their leadership skills to connect with both the hearts and the heads of employees and, in doing so, create a truly high-performance organization. The series content focuses on the following:

  1. Personal Responsibility
  2. Personal Communication
  3. Leading People for Performance & Improvement
  4. Responding to Criticism and Constructive Confrontation
  5. Managing Change and Transition

Each session builds on each other as we provide participants with the opportunity to learn and demonstrate valuable soft skills through interactions and simulations, teaching them how to become more effective leaders. Participants will gain a new perspective on how they show up and learn to use emotional intelligence to connect with those around them.

This course curriculum is:

  • Aligned with Lean as the “respect for humanity” system and the key Lean concepts of True North performance, value add, non-value add, and value stream teams.
  • Grounded in behavior science and neuroscience – the science of human interactions – and needs-based communications.
  • Designed for participants to explore and discover concepts through classroom simulations, experiences, and discussions.
  • Built on a foundation of work done by Dan Miller of Dan Miller and Associates, LLC who generously gave NWHPEC and Kari Penca and Associates (KPA) the gift of content and mentorship.

Five, 1-day sessions, three weeks apart.  Click here for more info

Here is recent data from participants showing their starting and ending points throughout the series: