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Building Your Lean Management System

Most initial attempts at lean and continuous improvement focus on tools and improvement events (aka kaizen events). Unfortunately, after a while, people notice that the “lean journey” has lost most of its momentum, energy, engagement, focus, and breakthrough results.

The lean management system (LMS) is a framework for building a culture of continuous improvement and shared learning. Its focus is on developing people to solve problems to improve performance. In this environment, improvement is not driven by a few lean champions but by everyone. Now everyone has a dual focus: doing the work (results) and improving the work (process).

In this workshop, we’ll use a series of hands-on exercises to build a piece of the LMS, experiment with it, receive coaching support, and repeat the process as you build a complete lean management system. If you already have a system, this workshop will position you to assess your current LMS and make improvements.

What you will learn

  • The importance of the Lean Management System (LMS) – the Why, the What & the How
  • Essential elements of an effective LMS
  • How to build a Lean Management System
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Next steps

What you will do

  • Build your own LMS prototype in breakout sessions
  • Share your progress, questions, and insights with the group
  • Avoid the pitfalls that hinder the effective launch of a Lean Management System
  • Build skills to share these techniques with others

Audience: Leaders at any level of the organization from front line team leaders, to lean champions, to CEOs. Bringing teams that encompass a cross-section of leadership in your company is especially effective.


  • The virtual version of this workshop is presented on Zoom, includes 12 hours of instruction over three, 4-hour sessions.
  • You’ll receive a pdf workbook of the slides/methodology.
  • Each session includes practical, actionable “Go-Do Challenges” that will bring your team together to apply what you learn to build, pilot, and launch a Lean Management System.
  • Attendees are asked to bring specific work-related data and information which they will work with during and after the workshop.
  • Online follow-up support (up to 1 hour).

3 x 4-hour sessions two weeks apart; Virtual or in person (Capacity = 16-20)