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Leader Standard Work

The true purpose of leadership is to empower and develop your employees so they can achieve awesome things.  To accomplish this, you need a standard way of working that will allow you to maximize your efficiency and impact while fulfilling your most important duty to your people.

As the whirlwind takes over our day, we quickly lose control of our priorities.  Once we fall into firefighting mode, our ability to improve and sustain processes and activities becomes secondary.  This is where Leader Standard Work (LSW) comes into play.  LSW is the foundation for creating new leadership habits that will allow you to spend more time listening to your team, developing your team’s problem-solving abilities, and sustaining improvements.

During this interactive session, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the value of implementing LSW
  • Create the first draft of your own LSW
  • Be inspired to start your new daily habits

Audience: Formal and informal leaders who are looking to have more control over their daily activities and feel a sense of accomplishment.  No prior lean experience is necessary.  This is a beginner-level course.

2-hours; virtual (Capacity = 25)