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Managing Change & Transition

Change management is most effective when you’re able to integrate change and transition principles into existing change processes.  This ultimately helps employees adjust to change through knowledge of the big picture, the purpose of the plan, their part in the change, and the process that will be used to implement the change. 

People struggle with change because little attention and space is given to the emotional and psychological impacts of change – the transition. This session demonstrates how to manage change and transition effectively by merging the work of change and transition expert William Bridges, Ph.D. with the Lean mindset, methods, and management systems.

How you will benefit:  

  • Learn the three phases of transition.
  • Explore effective strategies for communicating change and facilitating transitions.
  • Identify action steps to integrate transition management strategies into existing “current condition” project and improvement management processes.

Audience:   Individuals who lead organizational change including continuous improvement facilitators and coaches, project managers, and organizational leaders. (Not recommended for current 3H Leadership participants, they are learning similar content in Session 5.)

4 hours; virtual or in person (Capacity = 20)