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TWI: Job Relations

Job Relations Training (JR) teaches how to build positive employee relations, increase cooperation and motivation, and effectively resolve conflicts. The course emphasizes that people must be treated as individuals to provide a foundation for developing and maintaining good relations to prevent problems from arising. JR lays the groundwork for building another layer of stability into your processes, supported by an atmosphere richer in team spirit and collaboration.  Job Relations emphasizes “Respect for People”. It trains and coaches supervisors on how to handle problems, how to prevent them from occurring, and, most importantly, it aids in developing a logical, common sense approach to handling issues with a people-centric view. The core elements of the program are proven to inspire consensus building and individual problem solving.

Benefits experienced from practicing Job Relations include increased productivity, improved attendance, better morale, and higher employee retention rates.

This course is taught by a certified TWI instructor.

Four x ½ day sessions, or five x 2.5 hour sessions; virtual or in person (Capacity = 10)