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Executive Keynote: How We Win w/Billy Taylor – May 24th

This highly actionable virtual keynote details How to Win using a tried-and-true process. Billy details the strategies, mindsets, and processes proven to convert strategy into results, disconnected operations into an aligned enterprise, and a lack of trust into a high-performing, self-sustaining culture of ownership.

In this keynote, we will explore how to achieve success in any organization by implementing three key principles: Deliberate Clarity, Deliberate Ownership, and Deliberate Practice. By linking these principles with the development of a high-performance, self-sustaining culture, organizations can achieve sustainable growth and success in their respective industries.  

This presentation is ideal for leaders and teams who are:

  • Lacking clarity on how to define, align, or execute the strategies that will build trust and deliver sustainable results
  • Failing to meet their performance or production goals and don’t know why
  • At risk of missing their targets because they are unable to articulate or understand how they are hitting their metrics

The audience will leave with (Outcome/What They Get):

  • A better understanding of how to build and implement A connected business model inclusive of processes and behaviors that will help them win
  • The motivation and tools for implementing a Daily Management System that empowers their people to execute the right processes
  • The ability to build the trust, extreme ownership, and deliberate practice needed to build a winning organization

Audience: Executive leaders within your organization (Directors, VPs, C-suite, or equivalent)

Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2023
Time: 8 am – 9:30 am (PDT)
Location: Online via Zoom
Cost: $50 (members); $90 (nonmembers)

Registration: click here (remember to download the calendar invite at the completion of your registration)

Invoices will be sent to your primary NWHPEC company representative on May 10th. No refunds will be issued after May 10th, but feel free to send someone else from your organization after communicating with Jennifer.

Meet Billy Taylor:

Billy is a distinguished Global Operation Strategist and former North America Director at Goodyear Tire. His exceptional skills and experience have enabled him to successfully lead and architect some of the most awarded operation turnarounds in the manufacturing industry.

At Goodyear, Billy’s deep experience with strategy development, deployment, and execution led him to spearhead multiple turnarounds within the company. He eventually earned the position of senior operations executive, where he played a pivotal role in the company’s leadership team that improved earnings from -$38 million to over $1 billion.

Today, Billy is a highly respected figure in the global manufacturing industry, universities, international conferences, and the U.S. military. His trusted LinkedXL process is widely recognized for building effective business operating systems that help global brands achieve breakthrough and record-breaking results. Billy and his team work closely with organizations to align their entire workforce around clear strategies, outcomes, and systems that drive ownership and execution.

Billy’s remarkable achievements have made him an invaluable asset to organizations worldwide. His knowledge, skills, and expertise continue to inspire and lead many in the industry to achieve sustainable growth and operational excellence.