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Fall 3-Part Leadership Series

  1.  Success Through Deployed Strategy:  Speaker:  Gary Peterson, EVP *O.C. Tanner

*O.C. Tanner is a Shingo Award and AME Excellence Award winner, as well as International Biz “best place to work” gold winner

     2.  Aligning to Strategies Through Cascading Challenges:  Facilitator:  Scott Simmons

     3.  Stir-the-Paint Session:  Facilitator:  Scott Simmons

** Attendees who participate in all three sessions will gain the most from this series.

Dates and Times:        Part 1:  Wednesday, October 25th:  8:00am – 10:00am   

                                             Part 2:  Wednesday, November 15th:  8:00am – 5:00pm

                                             Part 3:  Wednesday, December 13th:  8:00am – 12:00pm

Costs:  Full Series:  $300 per person

              Part 1:  $100 per person

              Part 2:  $125 per person

              Part 3:  $75 per person

 Payment can be made via credit card or check made payable to NWHPEC.  Payment must be received no later than one week prior to the event.  Cancellations will be honored up to one week prior to the event.  Please note:  A 10% fee will be assessed for canceling your attendance if payment was made via credit card.  “No shows” will not receive a refund or account credit. 

Location for all sessions:      Montgomery Park, Banquet Room, 2701 NW Vaughn St., Portland, OR  97210

Watch the promo video to learn about this session:

Session Overviews:

Part 1:  Success Through Deployed Strategy

Date & Time:  Wednesday, October 25th, 8:00am – 10:00am

Speaker:  Gary Peterson, EVP O.C. Tanner 

Intended Audience:  Executives and key leaders who identify and define the organizations strategies and key objectives and their support personnel.   

Purpose:  Through stories and real life examples, Gary will share O.C. Tanner’s Strategy Deployment process detailing how they identify their key objectives and use a catch ball process to cascade the primary focus areas through their organization.  Their outstanding catch ball process results in clarity, buy-in, and engagement at every level of the organization. 

Homework:  Your homework from this session is to identify one key objective to bring to Part 2.

Part 2:  Aligning Strategies Through Cascading Challenges

Date & Time:  Wednesday, November 15th, 8:00am – 5:00pm

Facilitator:  Scott Simmons, Principal Scott Wade Simmons & Associates

Intended Audience:  Those of you who attended the Part 1 October 25th Leadership Session with Gary Peterson and any support personnel necessary to create the challenge statement and graphic.

Purpose:  Scott Simmons will lead us through a formal process to take a key objective you’ve brought to this class to build the structure to cascade it through your organization.  You’ll start by writing a challenge statement for your key objective.  Then, you’ll take that challenge statement and create a graphical representation.  The challenge statement and accompanying graphic are excellent tools to communicate the key objective and where everyone in your organization fits in it and how they can positively impact it.  This is often the missing piece in Strategy Deployment and why so many companies struggle to effectively cascade strategy throughout their organizations. 

Homework:  Your homework from this session is to go back to your organization and play catch ball with your leaders, peers, and direct support personnel to share your thoughts and intentions, hear their feedback and ideas, all to ultimately get buy in and engagement.

Part 3:  Stir-the-Paint Session

Date & Time:  Wednesday, December 13th, 8:00am – Noon

Facilitator:  Scott Simmons, Principal Scott Wade Simmons & Associates

Intended Audience:  Those of you who attended Parts 1 & 2!

Purpose:  This Stir-The-Paint (STP) session is intended to support your ongoing work with your challenge statement and graphic.  You can receive additional support from Scott and the other participants, share how your challenge statement and graphic landed with your organization, positive outcomes, and key learnings.  This STP support session will provide you a chance to continue to work on your challenge statement and graphic to take it to the next level. 

Speaker & Facilitator Bio’s:                                                           


Gary Peterson, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain & Production, O.C. Tanner Company

Gary has worked for The O.C. Tanner Company for 29 years. His current assignment is Executive Vice President, Supply Chain & Production.

Prior to working in his current roll Gary has held an impressively diverse set of jobs with the O.C. Tanner Company, including Manager of Market Research, Manufacturing Change Facilitator (where he was instrumental in moving the operation from “batch” to lean, resulting in their winning the Shingo Prize), Vice President of Manufacturing, Marketing Vice President of Award Development, and Vice President of Research and Professional Services.

O.C. Tanner has also received the AME Excellence Award, and Gary has been inducted into the AME Hall of Fame.

Gary serves on the Executive Advisory Board for the Shingo Institute, and is a Shingo Examiner. His experience with Lean Enterprise sends him around the globe helping others improve their operations.

Gary holds an MBA and a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics from Brigham Young University. He recharges his batteries by snowboarding, playing basketball, hiking, watching his 18-year old daughter play soccer, and being with his seven grandchildren.


Scott W. Simmons, Principal:  Scott Wade Simmons & Associates

Leadership Intention:  “To serve others graciously, develop others patiently, recognize others daily, challenge others for their highest creativity, while striving urgently for excellence.”

Scott is currently working with local area business leaders to help them improve business metrics, engage their team members, and develop and advance their business visions.   

Scott has over 32 years of leadership and management experience in a variety of diverse technical roles and product markets, including: performance optics, machine tools, shipbuilding, nuclear energy, equipment fabrication, military and aerospace.  After years of experience and learning in these roles, Scott believes the real work of a leader is to teach, develop, and equip people with the skills to handle complex challenges while creating an environment where people thrive.

Scott supported the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) as the West Regional Director for Oregon from 2005 to 2015.  His intention was to strengthen the Pacific NW’s manufacturing industries by developing business improvement skills.  Scott volunteered by facilitating AME events in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington and has presented at AME’s annual international Conference.  Scott provides Business Improvement training to area organizations upon request.

Scott is a lifelong archer, hunter, bicyclist and motorcycle enthusiast having begun these pursuits as a teenager.  In his spare time he enjoys working on the house, spending time with his children and granddaughters, sampling fine wines, and traveling the world with his wife. 

Please contact Julie Simmons to reserve your seat(s) in this Fall Leadership Series.