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Leadership Forum: Col. Arthur Athens – Once Upon A Time

Leadership Forum

“Once Upon A Time”

(The Power of Storytelling)

Speaker:  Col. Arthur Athens, Director

Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership

U.S. Naval Academy

Audience:   This session is geared toward all formal and informal leaders who strive to inspire those around them into action through active engagement. 

Date:   Tuesday, May 29th 

Time:   8:00am – 9:30am

Cost:    $100 per person

Loc:     Columbia Edgewater Country Club – Fireplace Room

              2220 NE Marine Dr.

              Portland, OR  97211

Promo Video: NWHPEC YouTube Channel

Session Overview: “Once Upon A Time”

Peter Drucker, the famous writer, consultant and leadership sage once stated: “The leader’s first task is to be the trumpet that sounds a clear sound.”  Leaders must not only shape an organization’s vision and direction, they must “sound the trumpet” continuously to clarify the vision and direction and unite their team.  There are many tools available for a leader to “sound the trumpet” . . . but one of the most effective tools is storytelling.  This presentation will answer the questions:

(1) How does storytelling relate to leadership communications?

(2) Why is storytelling so powerful and

(3) How do we become effective storytellers and tie stories into our organization’s day-to-day journey?  

NWHPEC Col Athens Storytelling Leadership Forum