Leadership Session: Leading to Create, Innovate and Dominate with Scott Simmons


Promo Video: https://youtu.be/kCYh9I1Zvxw

Session Overview:

Scott believes every person needs to be challenged, creative, and valued and once that is harnessed, amazing things start to happen.  In this session, Scott draws on 30 years of operations and leadership experience to share how he has developed a leadership approach to achieve world-class results.

Key learnings shared in this session are:

  • How a compelling vision focuses the organization
  • Turning business needs into organizational challenges
  • Harnessing the natural human need to create and innovate
  • Changing an incremental organization into a high-energy breakthrough organization
  • Developing people into creative team players
  • Generating business results to dominate your competitors and market segments
  • Creating the roadmap and structure to move into a top performing company

Each of the key learnings, working together, are used to build the long-term roadmap and structure necessary to create your envisioned future organization.

Scott W. Simmons Biography:

Scott is the Vice President of Manufacturing and Global Supply Chain for Leupold+Stevens in Beaverton, OR.  With 32 years of manufacturing experience in a variety of roles, Scott understands his role as an executive leader is to teach, develop, and equip people with the skills to handle complex challenges.  On a personal note, Scott is a lifelong archer, hunter and shooter, having begun these pursuits as a teenager.  In his spare time he enjoys riding bicycles and motorcycles, participating in 3-gun events, sampling fine wines, and traveling the world with his wife.

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