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Benchmark Tour: Danner Boots – Nov 30th (FULL)

Host Company – Danner Boots/LaCrosse Footwear

For nearly a century, Danner has crafted boots with purpose and integrity – footwear to equip those who choose the unlikely path, those who cut fresh trails, those who pioneer. To this day, our commitment to superior craftsmanship remains unchanged. We continue to craft high quality boots, using the best possible materials we can find, to create a product built to last. In our Portland manufacturing facility, we have blended superior handcraftsmanship with innovative new technologies such as automation and real time metrics tracking to ensure we stay competitive both domestically and internationally.

Tour Summary:

Danner is known in the industry for their high quality, rugged footwear.  To consistently deliver a top-notch product, we invest significant time and effort into establishing robust quality systems. These systems are instrumental in creating efficient processes that drive fundamental behaviors within our culture, which ultimately contribute to our success.

On this tour, you’ll see how we:

  • Use Quality Dashboards to monitor and respond to current data
  • Integrated Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP)-Microsoft D365 into our Quality processes
  • Non-Conforming Material Review Process
  • Make our standards and our output visible with the Visual Factory OMS/Work Instructions
  • Monitor the process data (Spectrometer, sampling plans, Hay-Stack, and more)
  • Use technology to improve quality (automated gluing machine, automated sewing, automated cutting)
  • Continuously test for quality in our Quality Lab

Date: Nov 30, 2023

Time: 8am – 11:30am

Location: 18201 NE Portal Way, Portland OR (map link)

Registration: Email jennifer@nwhpec. Limited to two participants per company due to capacity constraints.