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Virtual Tour: Smith Gardens – Jan 19th @9am

Topic: Intentional Leadership through Leader Standard Work

Join us as we venture inside Smith Gardens to learn more about how they cascade goals throughout their organization and use a pattern for daily improvement (which includes daily coaching cycles and PDCA) to make progress toward their goals. Their current focus area is Leader Standard Work (LSW).

On this virtual tour, you will see:

  • How team members are using a Pattern for Daily Improvement (PDI) to achieve their LSW initiative
  • Relationship building through daily coaching cycles
  • The development of problem solvers throughout the organization by empowering employees to take small steps and learn from their failures
  • The power of creating an iterative process so LSW can adapt to work level/cycles throughout the year
  • How LSW has helped Smith Gardens overcome an obstacle of sustaining their CI and safety culture/activities throughout the year, especially when work demand increases

Date: January 19, 2022

Time:  9-10:30am

Location:  Virtually, via Zoom

Complimentary for members

Registration link: email