EXECUTIVE FORUM WORKSHOP: Practical Problem Solving Workshop with Mike Hoseus

Dates:    Wednesday, May 4th & Thursday, May 5th

Time:   7:30am – 4:30pm

Loc:      Milwaukee Electronics, 1140 NW 3rd Ave., Canby, OR 97013

Intended Audience:  Lean Leaders, Managers, Champions, and Change Agents:  Those charged with disseminating and teaching problem solving in their organization.

Member Fee:     $425.00 per person (fee includes Tuesday’s Overview Session).  Payment can be made via credit card or check made payable to NWHPEC.  Payment must be received no later than one week prior to this event.  Cancellations will be honored up to one week prior to the event.  Please note:  A 10% fee will be assessed for canceling your attendance if payment was made via credit card.  “No shows” will not receive a refund or account credit.

Past Workshop attendees said:

“The whole Workshop was fun & great.  A really good selection of problems to learn the problem solving process.”

“This went incredibly well….and I learned a lot!”

“It was a 10 for me!!”

“Changing the thinking to encourage every employee to think about the CI process for every problem.”

“We can use this!  We have been using this problem solving technique with some degree of success for quite some time, but I am confident I can take it back and be more successful than in the past.”

Course Content:

  • Hands on team problem solving on the shop floor with real problems identified by Milwaukee Electronics
  • Learn by doing:  Toyota’s “go and see”, breaking down a problem, and 5-why Root Cause Analysis
  • Guidance and coaching by Mike Hoseus throughout the problem solving process
  • Learn how to complete, present, and give feedback on the A-3 problem solving report

 Speaker and Workshop Leader:  Mike Hoseus

Mike was a corporate leader for 13 years at Toyota Motor Manufacturing’s Georgetown, Kentucky, plant both in Human Resources and Manufacturing.  As Assistant General Manager in Human Resources, his responsibilities included personnel, safety, HR development, employee relations, benefits, training, and manufacturing/human resource teams for a plant of 8000 team members.  His major initiative was development of the enhanced relationship between Human Resource and Manufacturing.  Mike’s operational responsibilities in manufacturing began with the startup of the plant in 1987 as front line supervisor in vehicle assembly.  This included all aspects of safety, quality, productivity, cost, and morale for operations.  With experience as Assembly Plant Manager and eventually Assistant General Manager, his responsibilities increased to include both assembly plants including operations, maintenance, and engineering.

Mike is a Toyota Certified Trainer in Global Problem Solving & Waste Reduction, Standardized Work and Kaizen Events.  Mike is the co-author of Toyota Culture with Jeff Liker (author of The Toyota Way, The Toyota Way Fieldbook, and Toyota Talent).

Currently, Mike is Executive Director for the Center for Quality People & Organizations (CQPO).  CQPO is an organization developed in 1999 as a vision of Toyota Motor Manufacturing to share Lean Quality philosophy and human resource practices with education, business, and community organizations.  CQPO current projects with Toyota include New Hire selection and training process, Team Leader and Group Leader post promotion training, Quality Circle Leader and Manager training, and Global Problem Solving for all levels.

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