Kata Practitioner Day: Online Event!

Kata Practitioner Day: Online Event!  Bringing a Kata Practitioner Day DIRECT to you!

Date:  November 16, 2017

Time:  7:00AM – 12:30PM (Continental breakfast & lunch are provided)

Loc:   Biamp Systems:  10575 SW Cascade Ave., Tigard, OR

Cost:  $50 per person.  Payment can be made via credit card or check made payable to NWHPEC.  Payment must be received no later than one week prior to this event.  Cancellations will be honored up to one week prior to the event.  Please note:  A 10% fee will be assessed for canceling your attendance if payment was made via credit card.  “No shows” will not receive a refund or account credit.

What this session is about:

Mike Rother’s book, Toyota Kata, launched a revolution of sorts. The book gave birth to a passionate community of improvement professionals who recognized the transformative nature of the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata on an organization’s workforce. Much has happened since then, but we’ve only scratched the surface as two new Kata books are adding to an already rich conversation.

So, what’s happening in the Kata Community today? LOTS! Join us for Lean Frontiers Direct: Kata Edition where you’ll hear from some of the community’s most experienced Kata practitioners. This LIVE online event allows you to learn alongside your team, ask probing questions of the presenters, and watch on-demand replays for up to 3-months after the event.

Kata Practitioner Day Agenda

Welcome Statements and Introduction to Kata Practitioner Day – Dwayne Butcher

7:00AM – 7:05AM

SESSION 1: Personal Reflections from the Coaching Kata – Mark Rosenthal

7:05AM – 7:45AM

Session Abstract:

Since first encountering the “5 Questions” on page 247 of Toyota Kata, I have been on a personal journey of learning to be a more effective coach. Along the way I have gained some deep personal insights, made grievous mistakes, and had some great success. In this session, I will share what I have learned, what obstacle I am addressing now and my current round of personal experimentation.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • Common coaching pitfalls and possible countermeasures you might try
  • The processes we don’t usually notice that are critical to long-term success
  • How I am applying the Improvement Kata to become a more effective practitioner

BREAK – 7:45AM – 7:50AM

SESSION 2: There Goes Another Bus!! – Sarah Kolekamp & Heather Toppen

7:50AM – 8:30AM

Session Abstract:

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s has been practicing Kata since January 2015. Over the past two and a half years we have grown in the number active boards from 2 to 25! Needless to say, we have experienced some growing pains and missed the bus (metaphorically) more than once. During this presentation we will share the success our teams have experienced using kata to make incremental process improvements, some of our most valuable lessons learned and what Mercy Health is doing to scientifically grow more capable and competent learners and coaches.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • There is joy in the journey. It is unlikely all will go as planned, but better to start now than wait. What happens will be interesting and engaging.
  • Kata for your kata is a must-you have to strive to improve the way you do kata!
  • Kata sticks-you cannot unknow what you have learned and this will change the way you problem solve and it works for all problems, big and small.

BREAK – 8:30AM – 8:35AM

SESSION 3:  Kata Virus: “It’s Contagious” – Gene Boyd, Aaron Mau, & Rich Karasek

8:35AM – 9:15AM

Session Abstract:

Kata got a very slow start in Panduit and was only being used in a couple of areas but now it is spreading rapidly thanks to Katacon attendance. The lean driver group from global Panduit did a book study on the Toyota KATA book back in 2009 but it never really took off. It was kicked up again around 2014 where we actually started using IK/CK but still needed to learn more. I saw the Katacon 2 advertisement and signed up and carried one of my supervisors and I was hooked with “The Virus”. The energy of being around others using kata to solve hard goals was amazing to me. I was so energized. It helped us to go thru the workshop where we really got a feel for IK/CK. Next springboard was to start sharing what we were accomplishing using kata. Everyone that came through from other sites we would make sure to share kata and everyone was very interested. I just didn’t have a good platform for them to get the full experience other than going to a katacon. 8 months later a very strong lean guy moved to GA and I started sharing where we were with kata and we booked a trip to San Diego to Katacon 3. He got the Virus too and we started putting together a course that includes the domino exercise we learned. Senior Managers from the other sites started sending their managers to learn and now the Virus is spreading to all sites!! We have Kata being practiced at 3 of our sites now and still growing eventually globally. We want to start sharing and learning from other practitioners.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • Using kata in application is key to catch the virus (It’s spreads by touch)
  • We learned that sharing the kata model elevator speech was key to getting upper manager support. (It also spreads in the elevator)

BREAK:  Possible Facility Tour or Other Interactive Experience – 9:15AM-10:10AM

SESSION 4:  Kata Alignment – Up/Down & Side-to-Side – Rob Pease

10:10AM – 10:50AM

Session Abstract:

A journey of how one organization is getting real traction with scientific thinking. A discussion about how you build team capability. Then expansion to a value stream loop(s). Finally striving for the vertical alignment from the top to the bottom of an organization. To expand and become more capable time and training for the coaches is needed. During the expansion of kata the focus on desired behaviors for the learners and coaches will also be discussed. With an examples of how we are dealing with the various levels of growth.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • How to create a culture of kata thinking
  • Why focus should be given to the coaches
  • How to start and successfully build desired behaviors for the roles within kata

BREAK – 10:50AM – 10:55AM

SESSION 5:  Corporate Strategy Kata – Barbara Clayton & Jenny Snow-Boscolo

10:55AM – 11:35AM

Session Abstract:

The kata method is applied to drive our corporate initiative for commercial excellence in multiple segments world-wide. The purpose of sharing this effort is to show the evolution of how we went from an initiative that was not clear to something that teams could work on, the structure used, progression, and current status. Background A consultant group assessed the current systems and how they are impacting customer response and satisfaction. They identified gaps in different areas to address. The Commercial Excellence initiative was very general and we struggled to define it and how to approach it in each segment. We broke down the gaps into prioritized projects, assigned a lead and coach, and began applying the kata method to work towards meeting the strategic initiative. This started with defining the overall challenge for the initiative, selecting four areas to focus on and define the challenge in each of those areas. From there we defined current condition, set targets, and experimented. We created a “kata wall” structure that each project would follow, set a regular cadence for weekly meetings at the project level and executive level. In this way we’ve also integrated the daily management system for our initiative into the kata approach via tiered meetings.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • Describe how the kata method can be applied to align multiple activities to a corporate strategic initiative
  • Explain how the kata method supports the daily management structure and communication through all levels of the organization
  • Describe how effective the kata method is when working with different project teams in different physical locations


SESSION 6:  Kata, A People Pattern – Oscar Roche

11:40AM – 12:20PM

Session Abstract:

Kata is about people – people striving toward Target Conditions aligned with a Challenge that better meets customer needs. Given this, there are key “people elements” that, when considered and practiced, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Kata patterns. In this 30 minutes, Oscar Roche will discuss and illustrate the key people elements of Kata.

WRAP-UP – 12:20PM – 12:30PM

Please contact Julie to reserve your seat in this online Kata Practitioner Day session!

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