Applying 4DX at A-dec to Achieve Strategic Improvement – Feb 4th

Learn about the Four Disciplines of Execution and how A-dec has incorporated 4DX into their improvement strategy to produce incredible results in their Engineer to Order cabinet quoting process. 

Over the last four years, A-dec has been utilizing FranklinCovey’s Four Disciplines of Execution (4DX) to execute their “Wildly Important Goals” through this behavioral based model that aligns with best practices in continuous improvement. The four disciplines include: Focus on the Wildly Important, Act on Lead Measures, Keep a Compelling Scorecard, and Create a Cadence of Accountability. Join us as Ciarán defines the Four Disciplines, shares examples of how 4DX is applied in an organization and walks us through a case study of a process improvement in A-dec’s Engineer to Order quote process. Hear how the team reduced quote lead times from averaging more than 7 days down to 2.5 days. If you’re looking for a new approach to align people with strategy from the top down, engage all employees towards a common purpose and achieve the goals you’ve set for your organization, come and learn more about the power of 4DX.
Speaker bio:
Ciarán Hynes is the Director of Quality Assurance at A-dec. He lives in Newberg with his wife Mindi and their three children Áine, Emma and Liam. Irish native, Ciarán (pronounced Kier-awn), has a varied background in Product Development, Operations Management and Quality Assurance. He is passionate about continuous improvement and loves to share tips and tricks with and learn from industry thought leaders.

Audience: Leaders and team members across your organization who are interested in learning how 4DX can be applied to all processes, including administrative/engineering processes.
Date: February 4, 2021
Time: 12-12:45pm
Tech Requirements: Computer/laptop with the capability to use Zoom.  Webcam or mic not required.
Cost: Free for NWHPEC members

Registration: Email with the following info – name, email, role/title

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