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Best Practices: LMS in the Real World – April 7th @noon

Lean Management Systems in the Real World

A Best Practice sharing session featuring three NWHPEC organizations

Last fall, NWHPEC offered a 12-hour lean management system (LMS) workshop to help organizations understand the basic building blocks of an LMS and to provide the foundation and confidence to get started/make updates to an existing system.  Three of the participants have graciously offered to share their experiences and journey with you.  Join us as we pull back the curtain and learn why an LMS is important, how to get people involved in creating an LMS in your organization, and how to spot opportunities for improvement in an existing LMS.

An LMS provides the framework and structure to support and sustain improvements by making processes and problems visible and by creating a culture where people are 1) willing to communicate and 2) capable of solving problems.   Many organizations struggle to put a sustainable end-to-end lean management system in place.  The books we read make it sound easy to implement a system that produces glorious results.  The reality is the implementation of an LMS is hard work.  It won’t always go smoothly.  It won’t be right the first time.  The key is to have a vision, communicate the why, involve everyone, and continuously iterate.

Our presenters:

  • Aitor Martinez, Supply & Inventory Planning Optimization Manager, Nike
  • Andrea Avila-Aragon, Shipping Manager, Smith Gardens
  • Tim Bender, CI Engineer, ATI Metals

 Their stories will cover:

  • The missing link in Lean –> Focus on Behaviors & Outcomes and how those shape CULTURE, which is the underlying system for any Lean Transformation; the key to make it sustainable.
  • How purpose, lean leadership, visual management, and accountability helped create priorities and alignment among Aitor’s newly formed team.
  • knowing your purpose is important, how to include and inspire everyone when developing purpose statements for individual teams (that align with Smith Garden’s company purpose), and what benefits the purpose statements provide.
  • The importance of iteration; the system must continuously evolve.
  • A glimpse of a daily management system inside the Millersburg ATI Metals facility.  They are now starting to get buy in for daily management from the floor and the CI Team is focused on improving and expanding our Visual Management Boards and connecting floor level boards to management and executive level action.
  • Change is hard, take the time to understand where roadblocks to change are.

Date: Thursday, April 7, 2022
Time: 12-1pm
Venue: virtual, via Zoom
Cost: included in membership

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