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Making the Case for Lean Innovation – May 16th @1pm

Join us as we hear from innovation expert Norbert Majerus as he shares the keys to creating a culture and a process where innovation thrives.

The performance of a company’s innovation process has a huge effect on its top and bottom line.

Lean practices and thinking are used to build an innovation system that is predictable, fast, agile, and efficient. The lean culture promotes the engagement, collaboration and creativity needed to leverage the innovation potential through all parts of an organization.

You can expect to hear:
• What a lean innovation system can do for your organization
• Examples of successful implementations
• The change management process needed to transform the culture at the process
• Roles at different levels in the organization required to build a sustainable innovation system

Date: Monday, May 16th
Time: 1-1:45pm (Pacific)
Venue: Online via Zoom
Cost: Free for NWHPEC members

Target Audience: Engineering, New Product Development, and IT Teams, along with anyone who is interested in advancing your innovation processes

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Speaker Bio:
Norbert Majerus is a lean champion, speaker, coach, book author, and Shingo Prize winner. Beginning in 2005, Norbert implemented a principles-based lean product development process at the three Global Innovation Centers of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. For more than a decade he was Goodyear’s lean champion in research and development. In 2016, Norbert published his first book, Lean-Driven Innovation (Norbert Majerus, CRC Press, 2016), which received the Shingo Research Award. Also in 2016, with Norbert’s guidance the Goodyear R&D organization applied for and received the AME Excellence Award. Norbert is a popular keynote speaker and has conducted workshops in the United States and many other countries. Since retiring from Goodyear in 2018, he continues to share his extensive lean expertise via Norbert Majerus Consulting. Learn more here: