Sowing the Seeds of Lean – Aug 23rd @10am


You can’t implement lean overnight. In fact, you shouldn’t try to implement lean at all. Lean won’t “stick” unless it is integrated into your organization and people believe in the new way of thinking and acting. This takes patience, persistence, and participation. In the gardening world, you can’t just throw a bunch of plants in your backyard and expect them to grow and flourish. Success requires more than just planting them in the soil. The best gardeners plant a seed in a controlled environment so they properly germinate, then acclimate them before they are transferred to the garden where they continue to care for them daily. Gardening provides an excellent metaphor for keys to introducing and integrating lean into an organization.

Organizational culture change requires people to understand, buy in, and participate. This requires leaders who are prepared to nurture, celebrate, and adjust along the way. In this presentation, Jennifer Ayers will share tactics for preparing the soil so people can begin to embrace lean. This includes:

  • The important distinction between implementing and integrating lean
  • Sharing why people should care about lean
  • How to create initial pockets of people who get it, embrace it, and go for it
  • It’s not about the tool! It’s about behaviors, relationships, and engagement.

Date: Aug 23, 2022

Time: 10-11am

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