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The Power of Perspective – May 9th @11am

We are ultimately striving to help others realize their full potential and perform at their fullest potential. To achieve true success, a leader and/or coach must first develop self-confidence and then help develop confidence for those within their span of care. Join us as Sam Morgan walks us through his discovery of how when you See More, you Believe More, and ultimately Do More. Are you ready to unleash the power?

For one year I was a kata learner.
For one year I was a kata coach.
For one year I saw the power of perspective.

In practicing the Toyota Kata I witnessed firsthand how having multiple perspectives helped me.

It taught me to see outside of my bubble into all the color and beauty, all the shades and hues the world offered. I saw more.

In seeing the beauty…I saw the bigger, fuller more abundant picture that more was possible. I believed more.

Through this inspiration that any challenge could be overcome; I did more.

When you open yourself up to other perspectives as a continuous improvement practitioner you will: See more, Believe more and Do more.

Come join me on the journey through my first year as a kata coach and learner and how it parallels the story of a little girl named Priscilla who left a monochromatic world and found joy in a brand new world full of color.

Speaker Bio:
Sam Morgan discovered Lean through a company-wide deployment at The Standard, where he has worked for over eight years. Since then, Sam dove in headfirst with passion and curiosity; engaging in the Continuous Improvement community at his office, in his community, and online.

Date: Monday, May 9th – 11-11:45am
Audience: Applicable to everyone from coachee to coach/individual contributor to leader; no prior lean exeperience required.
Tech Requirements: Computer/laptop.
Cost: free for NWHPEC members

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