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Webinar: Creating & Sustaining a Lean Culture with Model Cells – Feb 7th

Join us for a lean webinar on the use of Model Cells to create and sustain a Lean culture.

In late 2021, North Coast Container (formerly Myers Container) embarked on a journey to establish a culture of sustainability and efficiency, starting with the implementation of a “Model Cell” strategy. Shawn Valladolid enthusiastically shared their inspiring journey with NWHPEC during a webinar in February 2022 (you can watch it here).

The introduction of the Model Cell concept provided a valuable testing ground for North Coast Container to explore and refine various lean principles and behaviors that they aimed to promote. It provided them with the perfect opportunity to experiment and further enhance their standards for a Model Cell that could be replicated not only at their CA site, but also at their four other manufacturing facilities across the US.

Through the implementation of their Model Cells, North Coast Container successfully established a cadence for daily production huddles, implemented hour-by-hour charts, created training matrix visibility, and incorporated multiple forms of visual management. These Model Cells also served as a catalyst for identifying and implementing significant improvements. By 2024, North Coast Container aims to transform 50% of the cells at each site, further amplifying their commitment to a sustainable and lean culture.

During this lean webinar on Model Cells, Abe and Cody from North Coast Container will provide an update on their journey. They will share what has transpired since 2022, the impact it had, and introduce the Model Cell rubric they developed to standardize and sustain lean cells across their various plants. Additionally, they will shed light on the transformative changes in leadership and frontline worker behaviors, along with the cultural benefits they are seeing.


Abraham De La Rosa – Plant Manager, Los Angeles

Cody Stavig – VP of Operations

Date: Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Time: 11-11:45am (Pacific)

Location: online via Zoom

Cost: free for NWHPEC members