Webinar: Developing CI Champions to Create a Culture of Improvement – May 27th

In 2018, A-dec realized that their strategy around creating and supporting a continuous improvement culture needed to shift. This led them on a journey to understand their current state, create a vision for the future state, address the gaps, and pilot a new concept for embedding “CI Champions” into the organization. This program was designed to create designated CI experts/champions in each of their manufacturing teams in order to increase engagement in CI activities and create more widespread capability to implement lean practices.

In this webinar, Kelly DePaolo, A-dec’s Learning and Development Specialist and Lean Coach, will share:
• The problem that initiated this journey
• The process and tools they used to develop the program
• What they learned by piloting this idea (tangible and intangible results)
• How Champions are trained
• What their Champion program looks like
• Challenges and lessons learned

Join us to learn how to ensure CI efforts are continuing to move forward in this new age of physical distancing, how to effectively develop capability throughout your organization to drive improvement (without relying on your CI Team/expert), and how to expedite the culture shift by engaging a broader group of individuals in CI efforts.

Dates: Wednesday, May 27th
Time: 10:00 – 10:45am
Location: The comfort of your own home, office, or conference room. 
Member Cost:  free 

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