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Webinar: Excavating Best Practices to Mine Improvements – Dec 14th

In 2021 the Weir ESCO Covington site was experiencing hiccups in productivity and knew they needed to put some time and effort into stabilizing their processes and productivity in a way that would make a positive impact on the team members in the area. In this webinar, you’ll hear Kara Herndon talk about:

  • The driving force behind our focus on improvement
  • How we’ve improved over time
  • Unveiling the tools that proved most effective, including process management, Kaizen events, tier meetings, and takt time
  • Candid insights into our failures and the invaluable lessons learned along the way
  • Where we are now, and what’s next

Our presenters and contributors: Kara Herndon – CI Leader at the Weir ESCO Covington, KY plant, Joe Sodano – Warehouse Supervisor (and former CI Leader), and Danielle Puga – CI Digital Specialist who helps build dashboards and PowerApps for the teams.

Audience: Anyone curious to learn more about how to approach change and sustain changes within your organization

Date:  Thursday, Dec 14, 2023

Time: 11 – 11:55am (Pacific)

Venue: virtual via Zoom

Cost: free for NWHPEC members, click here to register