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Webinar: How You Lead Matters – Feb 21st

How You Lead Matters: Key elements to creating an engaged team

We often encounter what seems to be a crisis in employee turnover, but in truth, it is a crisis of leadership. According to the Harris Poll Toxic Bosses Survey, a staggering 85% of American workers believe that having a respectful and nurturing manager would greatly enhance their engagement at work.

Dan Shannon experienced this firsthand.  He was entrusted with the task of leading a customer service team that lacked engagement and experienced a high annual turnover rate of 40%.  The employees had been conditioned to think that their work was a job, not a career.  Furthermore, making mistakes and seeking assistance were viewed as a major inconvenience.  Dan used the upside-down pyramid philosophy of a servant leader to influence and change the culture from one of isolation and fear into an environment where people felt heard, validated, and welcome.

During this webinar, you will discover the strategies he implemented to foster trust, achieve quick wins, instill a culture of accountability, and ensure that every team member feels valued. This transformative approach not only encouraged individuals to freely share their ideas, but also empowered them to actively participate in enhancing their professional growth. As a result, the department became a launchpad for talent development, and Dan learned firsthand that how you lead matters.

Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Time: 1-1:55pm (Pacific)

Location: online via Zoom

Cost: free for NWHPEC members

Speaker bio:

Dan Shannon, grew up in Chicago, graduated Xavier University and landed at a Cincinnati based manufacturing company where he has spent four years completing a leadership development program. In this program, Dan worked in a wide range of roles in IT, talent acquisition, front-line management & product management that has given him a unique perspective on culture building, leadership & Lean Six Sigma.

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