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Webinar: Leading with Humility – Nov 7th

An Essential Quality for Today’s Leaders

How might you respond to the following statement: The Lack of Support for Leaders Today Makes People Not Want to Lead Tomorrow?

The lack of support, burnout and hyper individualistic feelings our leaders are experiencing begs the question: Considering today’s context, do we need to redefine Humility? What does it look like to understand ourselves more without becoming egotistical? How can I hold my strengths and weaknesses in my mind without becoming hypersensitive? How might we teach what it looks like to learn from others?

Please join us for a 45 minute webinar with doctoral student Pamela Lau, who is currently researching what kind of support can be given and received that encourages humility, courage and discernment for leaders? During this interactive webinar, Pamela will be sharing what she has discovered so far and will offer participants an opportunity to weigh in with their own experiences and potential solutions.

Date: Tuesday, Nov 7, 2023

Time: 11am (Pacific)

Venue: Zoom

Registration: Free for NWHPEC members click here

Presenter Bio: Pamela Havey Lau brings more than 25 years of experience in speaking, teaching, writing and mediating. She has led a variety of groups, both small and large, in seminars, trainings, conferences and teachings. With more than 10, 000 hours of writing, researching, and teaching the heart and soul of Pam’s calling comes from decades of walking alongside those who have experienced healing through pain and peace through conflict. As a former professor and author, Pam deeply understands the role of mentoring and building bridges from one generation to another. She has developed a wisdom in how to connect leaders with their teams. Her skill in facilitating conversations extends across differences in families, businesses, schools, universities, and nonprofits. She is also an author and podcaster.