Benchmark Request: Safety Shoe Reimbursement

I’d like to know what amount other employers reimburse their employees for safety toe footwear. I’m trying to get data to see how our reimbursement amount compares with other companies.

Thank you,

Mack Stanley, EHS Specialist



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  1. Avatar Steve Allred says:

    $125 every 1.5 years for Oracle

  2. Here is the information about Lam Research’s safety shoe program:
    1) Each employee receives $140.00 per year
    2) Shoe must meet ASTM F2413 Standard
    3) Protective Toe Cap/Slip Resistant Sole/Impact/Compression
    4) Electrical Hazard Protection
    5) Shoe vendor visits campus up to 2/month (but employee may order/purchase from anywhere)
    6) Employee fills out authorization form for reimbursement

  3. Avatar Doug Kutella says:

    Pacific Foods

    We determined what shoes met our minimum requirements for our environment. We took the least expensive of these and made that the annual reimbursement. I believe it is ~$90/year.

  4. At A-dec, we allow for $150 per eligible employee every two years. We bring Red Wing on site at least once per year to ensure the PPE program is simple and efficient. Employees can also purchase shoes off site and be reimbursed.

  5. At Organically Grown Company (organic produce distributor), we give all warehouse coworkers $125 per year. We give pre-paid vouchers if they go to a few select retailers. We also provide reimbursement if they get boots that meet the safety requirements but are from a different retailer.

  6. Avatar Kris Langdon says:

    At Columbia Machine, manufacturing employees are reimbursed up to $100 per calendar year toward the cost of purchasing Safety Footwear and/or Insoles for the Safety Footwear. Employees that have not used the $100 allowance for the current year can combine it with the previous year’s allowance, giving the employee a total of $200 to spend towards one pair of Safety Footwear and/or one pair of Safety Footwear Insoles. Employees requiring more frequent replacement are on a case by case basis and require authorization from their Department Manager prior to purchase.

    Non-Manufacturing employees are reimbursed up to $100 every other year with no combined total. Purchase must be authorized by their Department Manager.

  7. Avatar Evan Brown says:

    At USNR, we reimburse up to $100 per year. Department managers can sign off on exceptions on a case by case basis.

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