Benchmarking Request: Hoshin Kanri

Oracle is advancing its CI program beyond the “tools” and is taking the next progressive step toward strategic CI planning. Hoshin Kanri is the first planning tool that comes to mind, and Oracle is curious if any member companies use CI strategic planning like Hoshin for their CI program or even the business planning.

If so, are you willing to field questions (via phone call) from the CI team on your steps taken and lessons learned?

To respond to this benchmark request, please add a comment to this post on the website or contact Philip Taylor at

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1 Response

  1. From Kyle Stavig, CEO Myers Container:

    We have been using the Hoshin process the past few years with improving results. We use a facilitator to organize our annual fall sessions (Simpler consulting) which forces us to ask some difficult questions. We use the X-matrix process which then kicks out our strategic A3’s. This year we ended up with six key initiatives that we live in for the remainder of the year while using the VSA process to set the plan for our facility rapid improvement events (kaizen) and our projects.

    A presentation bout our journey can be found in a webinar which is available on archive on the Industry Week website.