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Book Club: The Toyota Engagement Equation – Jan 27 – Mar 10

It’s book club time again! We will be reading and discussing The Toyota Engagement Equation by Tracey and Ernie Richardson (11:30 am Thursdsays, 7-weeks).   Many of you met Tracey and Ernie Richardson when they led some workshops for NWHPEC back in 2019.  If you haven’t read their book – now is the time! This deep dive into the company’s game-changing work practices reveals how employees were developed, how they were taught to spot and define problems through standardization, how they were coached to solve them, and how they were encouraged to improve their thinking as they moved forward.

Our book club is a casual experience that allows you to read the assigned reading throughout the week and participate in some deep-dive conversations with the group. It’s okay if you miss a week or if you didn’t read that week – you’re still welcome to listen to the conversation and provide insights.

Dates: Thursdays, Jan 27th – March 10th from 11:30-12:15 (lunchtime)

Technology: We will be using the Zoom platform, link available

Registration: Members can email [email protected] to register (complementary)

Reading Assignments: Click here to download

Purchase the book in advance (Amazon)

Watch this video intro to the book and book club format

About the book and the authors:

Tracey and Ernie Richardson have a deep understanding of Toyota’s cultural DNA. As early hires who worked their way up the management ladder at Toyota’s first wholly owned North American factory, they learned the essentials, often one-on-one, from trainers specially sent over from Japan. In The Toyota Engagement Equation, they share these priceless lessons.

Join us as we follow Tracey and Ernie on a guided tour of Toyota’s unique learning environment as they unveil the hidden meaning behind going to see, asking why, and showing respect. Learn from their successes and failures as they outline the essentials of establishing and maintaining standards, avoiding the pitfalls of assumptions, and connecting the work with internal and external customers.

Discover how all these competencies fit together through the authors’ unique Engagement Equation, DNA = GTS6 + E3, as Tracey and Ernie guide you chapter by chapter through the essential elements of Toyota’s thinking culture.

“This is not a set of production tricks, ” the authors write. “Nor is it a quick fix for strategic management. It is a set of philosophies that apply to all aspects of the business.”