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NWHPEC Membership

You may be wondering: How can my organization and employees learn and develop lean thinking skills?  How can I get out and see what others are doing?  How can I better influence the culture I'm trying to create within my organization?

The NWHPEC consortium is a lean crowd-sourcing learning model.  We are a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing the best service and learning experiences for our members.  We are not a consultant who helps you get from A to B.  We offer wrap-around services that meet you where you are.  We fill in learning gaps and provide support as you continue to develop and strengthen your lean culture.  Our members use the “give to get” philosophy.  We learn and grow together through shared learning experiences. 

We welcome all organizations from any industry who are ready to up their game and become high-performing enterprises. 

There are three steps to becoming a NWHPEC member (can be completed in any order; visits have to be scheduled within four weeks of membership application).

  1. Reach out to our Executive Director ([email protected]) to schedule a quick phone/video call.  If you like what you hear, we will schedule a one-hour meeting with your key stakeholders, our Executive Director, and a member of our Board of Directors.  During this virtual or in-person meeting, you’ll learn more about the consortia model, our learning experiences, and how the consortium will enhance your continuous improvement journey. This meeting will help create buy-in from key stakeholders to ensure you get the most value for your membership. 
  2. Invite us on site for a tour of your facility, so we can learn more about your goals, challenges, and successes.  It will provide an opportunity for us to meet key people and see potential opportunities for benchmarking and networking with other NWHPEC members.
  3. Fill out our membership application. (Click here to access)

The annual cost of membership is dependent on the total employee count.  By giving back to the NWHPEC community (hosting tours, hosting a training class, providing a facilitator), you can receive rebates each year to help offset the price of membership.