PDCA Thinking

Beginner~, Foundational~, Igniting Innovation~, Solving Problems~
The purpose of this hands-on workshop is to develop problem solving skills using a pattern of learning through alignment and experimentation.  Additionally, participants will build skills to demonstrate these best practices throughout their organizations.   This interactive workshop complements classroom learning with hands-on application exercises.  The exercises teach attendees how to incorporate PDCA concepts into daily practice to solve problems, attain business strategies, and achieve operational excellence in their organization. Key Concepts:  Understand Plan-Do-Check-Adjust Thinking.  Define each component and understand how to apply PDCA as a foundational element of learning and discovery. Effectively connect Strategy Deployment to real business improvement through alignment of focused daily/rapid PDCA experiments and learning cycles. Recognize how Plan-Do-Check-Adjust thinking impacts every level of the organization. Human development, leadership, strategy, organization design, system and process flow, project execution…
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Lean 101

Application~, Beginner~, Foundational~
Join us on a journey to discover the basic elements of lean principles and see the impact they make when you put them into practice. Lean 101 is a beginning-level course that teaches participants the basic concepts of Lean Thinking in a highly interactive virtual environment. It is suitable for participants who work in office or manufacturing environments and includes many real-world examples from a wide variety of work environments. We will utilize a learn-do process where participants apply the concepts to a chosen "fix what bugs you project" each week between classes to help them practice the concepts in their own environment. We will cover: What is lean, where did it come from, and why does it matter? The behaviors and systems required to create a lean culture Standard Work…
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Intro to Lean

Beginner~, Foundational~, Solving Problems~
Intro to Lean is a beginning-level course that teaches participants the basic concepts of Lean Thinking through an interactive in-person simulation (paper airplanes). It is suitable for participants who work in office or manufacturing environments and includes many real-world examples from a wide variety of work environments. Intro to Lean is a prerequisite to many of the other classes we offer. This course is a full-day class focused on the foundational elements of lean and the importance of respect for people. Topics covered include: Waste, Value Add, Leadership, Customer Value, Strategy Continuous Improvement Cycle, 8 Wastes, 5S, Visual Controls, Physical Layout, Single Piece Flow Value Stream Mapping, Takt Time vs Cycle Time, Pull, Kanban 5 Why’s, Cross Training, Set Up Reduction/TPM, Standard Work, Mistake Proofing, Team Huddle, Metrics Audience: Applicable…
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Building Blocks for Trainers

Application~, Developing People~, Foundational~, Intermediate~
Lean Standardized Work and Training Within Industry Job Instruction ("what, how, why" training) methods have precise, technical formats and application approaches. This course is a blend of the two and is designed to deliver significant, actionable introductory learning aligned with the concepts and intent of these methods. The class will be delivered in two sessions with an expectation that participants will apply the learning to a "real-life" work process between sessions. The first session is an interactive, collaborative exploration and simulated application of job instruction and standardized work methods. The second session will provide participants the opportunity to present their application work and receive peer feedback and coaching. Key Concepts: Explore the “what, how, why” training method. What standardized work methods are and how they are related. How these methods…
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5S Workplace Organization

Application~, Beginner~, Foundational~, Solving Problems~
5S is a beginning/intermediate level course that teaches participants the value proposition of 5S through hands-on implementation in a real work environment. It is suitable for participants working in office or manufacturing environments. Attendees will alternate between learning and doing, resulting in hands-on application of 5S organizing/improving an area at a host company. Key Concepts: Understanding that 5S is a problem exposure tool Defining the 5 S’s (plus Safety) Documenting the current state, using the DOWNTIME concept to identify waste Planning a 5S event (event definition, leadership roles, steps for planning and executing the event) Putting the 5S into action Establishing visual controls, documenting standards, creating an audit process Prerequisite: Lean 101/Intro to Lean or exposure to foundational lean concepts within your work environment. Audience: Depending on the location of…
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3H Teamwork – Showing Up with your Heart, Head, & Hands

Beginner~, Developing People~, Foundational~
3H Teamwork is a two-day series for individual contributors to help align them with the language and practices of their leaders who have attended 3H Leadership. The series content focuses on the following: Personal Responsibility Personal Communications Constructive Confrontation We help people enhance their self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and provide new perspectives on how to create positive interactions in the workplace. Lean organizations strive to continuously improve quality, lead-time and cost performance by harnessing the natural problem-solving creativity of all employees on a daily basis. This focus on problem-solving capability naturally emphasizes the importance of engaging employees critical thinking skills – their “heads”. Tapping the full potential of their creativity, however, also relies on engaging their human need to contribute and be creative – their “hearts”.  3H Teamwork is a series…
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